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Marley Nielson

Marley always knew that she wanted to go into medicine from a young age.

While she was attending college, Marley worked as a CNA for a couple of years to immerse herself in a medical job and learn if that’s what she really wanted to do. She worked for a veteran’s home and knew that she was on the right path when a patient simply thanked her for listening.

She volunteered with a medical mission to Peru and began her career after graduation here at the ENT clinic.

Marley loves Pocatello and everything about it. She is very outdoorsy and loves to hike, camp, and ski. She loves that Pocatello experiences all kinds of weather.

Marley also enjoys reading, cooking, and keeping a healthy lifestyle. She is very active, working out and doing yoga regularly. She is also very much an animal person and has two dogs and a cat.

Marley Nielson's CV